Relocating to Barrow - Abbey Apartments

We offer a specific BAE relocations service tailored for people moving to work in Barrow.

At Abbey Apartments we understand the stresses involved in moving to a new home to start a new job. If this is you then we will take care of your accommodation needs and tailor a flexible package of accommodation to help you settle into both your new home and job.

We look at your relocation in 2 ways

First of all you may find that you are caught out with an immediate need for accommodation. In this instance rest assured that one of our apartments will be put aside for you without any difficulties whatsoever.

Second it may be that you are in the middle of a house sale whilst having to work in your new role at i.e. BAE. If this is case we can provide you with a flexible dates accommodation so that you can move in and out at short notice for a s long as it takes for you to sell your home and relocate to a more permanent home.

Short and Long Term Relocation Accommodation

Whatever your needs in terms of relocation for work, we will help you solve the immediate accommodation issue however it is?

Short Term Relocation
Lets agreed at short notice for a minimum of 1 week
Medium to Long term Relocation
Lets tailored toward people whom are moving House to Barrow

We offer weekly and monthly rates
See our Business Rates