History of Abbey Road Apartments - Abbey Apartments
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History of Abbey Road Apartments

History of Abbey Road Apartments

Built in 1890 by the Furness Railway Co, the main period house is now 3 of the finest exclusive Abbey apartments and was originally occupied by Arthur Brookes & family. Arthur Brookes himself was one of the first “Carter and Carriers” in Barrow-in-Furness.This job today is similar to that of a modern day storage and removals company. Hence the description to “cart and carry” belongings for people coming to and leaving the area during the heady days of the Iron Ore Industrial Revolution and the development of the shipyard in the town.

Abbey Road Tram 1897
View up to Old Post Office (Abbey Apartments) 1895
Abbey Apartments Arthur Brookes Post Office 1895

The Post Office

Arthur also ran the Post Office from this building with at least 2 deliveries per day going out to the local community. The Post Office developed further into a Post Office that had upto 10 deliveries going out each per day such was the volume of post during the days of massive employment and


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